Bart van Zon Software developer


I'm a Vienna based software engineer with a focus on backend development using both Ruby and Elixir. With a history in promotional and telecom applications I have an expertise in scaleable applications.

For Hire

I'm available for hire on location in Vienna, Austria or remotely anywhere in Europe. More details about projects I've done in the past can be found on LinkedIn, or you can reach out to me for more info via e-mail or phone.


My main development languages are Ruby and Elixir, but I have worked with JavaScript, PHP and more.


Docker, Git, Linux, Photoshop, Vim and many more.

Yet another shot

Over the years I tried blogging a couple of times. However for some reason I never seemed able to get some rhythm in it, to keep blogging. The last article on this blog is well over a year old. And the day I wrote it I was sure it was the first of many more to come. The post got some traction on Hacker News and I got some great feedback. However the article was a rant, and rants always seem to get traction, and are the easiest to write.

Last couple of months I’ve had the honor to be invited to speak at a couple of usergroups and conferences, and I got some great feedback. People were enthoustiastic about what I had to tell them, a surprise to me because I thought my skills to be pretty mediocre. Turns out that I might be comparing myself with the wrong people. There’ll always be some guy better at Vim, or some guy better at Ruby, and sadly for me plenty of guys better at skateboarding and snowboarding… but (this sounds obvious but wasn’t to me) as it turns out there’s a lot of people that have different focusses when learning new things. People I can definately teach some new tricks.

Inspired by Jennifer Dewalt who created 180 websites in 180 days, and Swizec Teller whose plan it is to understand 52 academic papers in 52 weeks I’ve set my own goal: I’m not going to do anything daily, that’ll drive me crazy but I will try to blog as often as possible with an absolute minimum of 2 blogs a week. They don’t have to be pagelong stories, they could be glorified tweets, but as a fulltime developer I learn something new every day and I experience something weird at least once an hour.

So expect some rants but hopefully mostly tips about vim, tmux, ruby, my workflow, my workspace, crazy hacks, conferences, weird experiences and more!